GTO VZ 3.75″ Carbon Fiber Driveshaft & Billet Flange – M6/A4


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3.75″ Carbon Fiber driveshaft and billet adapter. For factory manual 6-speed (M6) and Automatic (A4) Transmissions

You asked for an affordable OEM 1 piece replacement driveshaft that will hold some power and not break the bank..
We designed a rear billet pinion flange adapter that bolts the driveshaft directly to the OEM pinion flange.
Our billet flange isnt just some cheap adapter, it has cnc machined locating bosses that locate it directly into the pinion flange mount holes ensuring you get a good solid vibration free fit.

We teamed up with Precision Shaft Technologies to bring you the best, strongest and smoothest driveshaft on the market for the 04-06 GTO.

Our carbon fiber driveshafts are the only driveshafts on the market for the GTO that are SFI certified and tested.

We use a huge 3.75″ tube for super strength and the highest critical speed possible in a one-piece driveshaft. Our carbon fiber shafts will spin to 10,000+ rpms and have been tested to 180 mph on the dyno without any problems or vibrations!

Our carbon fiber driveshaft package comes with a cryo-treated 1350 series front slip yoke. Our carbon fiber driveshafts come with our rear billet pinion flange adapter that bolts the driveshaft directly to the OEM pinion flange. You wont believe how smooth and quite these driveshafts feel on the road.

One of the best things about our carbon fiber shaft is the fact that they absorb shock and vibration at the launch, which in turn reduces drive train parts breakage.

Allot of people report an improvement in 60ft times and less broken parts off the starting line.

Carbon fiber shafts very rarely break but if they do happen to break, they wont tear your car up like a steel driveshaft will.

We tested one of these driveshafts for close to 2 years in our 05 GTO and have gone as fast as 9.41 @ 145 mph with 1.41 60ft times.
The fastest 04-05 GTO in the USA also uses one of our carbon fiber driveshafts and has gone 9.03 at over 150+ mph.

Weighs just 14 lbs with the slip yoke.

*2 Rear seat belt bolts have to be shortened for clearance.

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 64 × 6 × 6 in


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