GTO VZ Super Pro Front Upper Strut Mounts


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The upper strut mount on the ’04-’06 GTO is a part that is known to fail in a very short period of time leading to accelerated inner tire wear. In many cases, the negative camber is increased so much that the tire will contact the strut – “strut rub.”

The Super Pro Upper Strut mounts are made from high-grade, low-deflection polyurethane. This part is essentially a “must have” for the GTO and makes a tremendous difference with front end alignment and performance.

NOTE: You may reuse your factory bearings with these, but it’s highly suggested that you replace them with a set of new replacement bearings (BK025).

All SuperPro bushings now come with a “Lifetime Warranty, with no Exclusions” that is retroacive on previous orders. For more informaiton, visit the

tem #: SPF-1590K
Manufacturer: SUPER PRO

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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