GTO VZ Rear Cradle Boxes – Unwelded


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With our coilover kit, you can lower the back of the car down pretty low but you get negative camber (tires lean in) when you go lower then OEM ride height.

We got around this by building new inner control arm mounts with a raised hole location.

By swinging the inner control arm mount up it allows you to put the coilovers on the lowest setting and drop the car down about 2 inches and it will sit with close to zero camber.

The inner control arm boxes are on the cradle, you simply cut the roof out of the old box and drop ours on then weld on. You also have to drill through the 12mm hole on old cradle box using our new boxes as a template.
We recommend using our solid cradle bushings with this mod to make everything more solid because the new inner control arm box is very close to the floor and running stock or even poly cradle bushines may allow the new cradle box to hit the floor on bumps.

We got the new box and hole location perfect, on the lowest setting of our coilover kit our shop car (2005 GTO) sits with zero camber.

Sold as set (2 boxes)

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 4 in


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