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Financing Now Available!

By December 3, 2018 News

Attention anyone in the market for performance parts( carry out or installed) or needing general maintenance/repairs on their daily drivers that would like to get a jump on their tax return. WE OFFER FINANCING NOW! Good or bad credit! I have had a few customers going through bankruptcy and still be approved for the 100 days same as cash up to 3000.00. As long as you have a checking account and bring home at least 1000.00 a month you are more than likely approved.12 month payment plan with multiple options. Message me with a cell number and I can text you the mobile application and it will give you an approval amount. This is good for parts, labor and taxes. I am constantly being asked if I do financing on repairs for people and now I have a way!
We have many companies we haven’t updated yet. If you do not see a product ask me and I’ll find a good price on it! This also works for diesel deletes, lifts and wheels/tires.

Snap Finance - Apply Here

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